#Thursday in the #ArtStudio – Lot’s to Work on and get STARTED / FINISHED

Art is the product of process. “Whether conceptual, experimental, emotional, or formal, the process you develop yields the image you produce. The materials you choose, the methods of production, and the sources of the images should all reflect the interests that command your attention. The process does not stop with each work completed. It is ongoing. The cumulative result of that process is a body of work.” Kit White 101 Things I Learned in Art School

Drawing: Nose / Ears – One class of noses is a bit behind

1.1Ac: Individually or collaboratively formulate new creative problems based on student’s existing artwork.

How is the EAR a different feature to draw than any other feature of the face? Please explain your ideas here.


What successes did YOU have in the ear today? What made the ear an easier feature to draw? Or WAS it?

Studio Art 360: Still Life – Large Shapes – Large Ideas – Entire Picture Plane – THEN details

2.1P: Engage in making a work of art or design without having a preconceived plan.

What skills do you see in yourself that are coming out in the drawing SO FAR? What strengths do you see in your drawing?  

Audrey Flack "Marilyn" http://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/uama/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/30034738/flack_marilyn.jpg
Audrey Flack “Marilyn” http://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/uama/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/30034738/flack_marilyn.jpg

What are 2 skills you have already that are going to make your experiences in Studio Art 360 easier?

AP Studio Art: The View – Chapter 6 for MONDAY and then we talk on Wednesday!

1.2Ad: Choose from a range of materials and methods of traditional and contemporary artistic practices, following or breaking established conventions, to plan the making of multiple works of art and design based on a theme, idea, or concept.

What has been successful for your outdoor work? What has FAILED you? Where do you need to go from here?

Abdi and his WORKS – What’s the Critique? http://www.allartnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Work-of-Art-winner-Abdi-Farah-installs-his-Brooklyn-Museum-show.jpg

With this OUT OF THE BOX (out of the doors) assignment… What struggles are you facing? Where are  you falling in the snow? What are your challenges?

#Tuesday in #ArtDay in the #Studio. #BasRelief and #SocialCommentary and #FACES

Happy Youth Art Month: Art Terms 101: Chiarocsuro is an effect of contrasted light and shadow created by light falling unevenly or from a particular direction on something.

How easily do you try and fail and QUIT? https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/e2/80/b1/e280b1667ed5f85421461ddfe470c498.jpg

AP Studio Art: Figure Drawing! Let’s DRAW!

Richard Diebenkorn – How is the DEVELOPMENT of your drawing coming along. This is NOT A RACE! SLOW YOURSELF DOWN – SERIOUSLY. http://www.artnet.com/Magazine/features/klein/Images/klein10-29-10.jpg


  • 1.2Ad: Choose from a range of materials and methods of traditional and contemporary artistic practices, following or breaking established conventions, to plan the making of multiple works of art and design based on a theme, idea, or concept.
  • Look at YESTERDAY’s Drawing – What is working with PROPORTION and COMPOSITION? What are you going to do to IMPROVE it today?

How have you developed the accuracy? How are you focusing on the MARKS? Notice we are looking at RICHARD DIEBENKORN? Tomorrow – we take a moment and look at HIM and his ideas…

Advanced Drawing: Bauhaus Drawing – Oskar Schlemmer

Ah Walter Gropius – your figures are WONDERFUL! http://www.we-heart.com/upload-images/geekbauhaus1.jpg


  • 7.1Ad: Analyze how responses to art develop over time based on knowledge of and experience with art and life.
  • How did the critique go yesterday? What did you LEARN from the conversation? What do you hope to change / fix? What’s FIRST in your work for today?

What is a NEW SUCCESS in your drawing from today?

Drawing: Online Presentation of the Images.

Google Presentation is HERE and your DRAWINGS are HERE

EARS! Yikes! http://www.yalescientific.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/features-ears-1.jpg


  • 2.1Ac: Through experimentation, practice, and persistence, demonstrate acquisition of skills and knowledge in a chosen art form.
  • Take a look at your previous 3 day’s works – where have you see the most GROWTH in your understanding of the facial features?

What was the most challenging part of the EAR to draw? Why was this most difficult? What is most important about drawing when it comes to observation?

ASSIGNMENT FOR THURSDAY!!! Bring in a NEWSPAPER or MAGAZINE PHOTOGRAPH of a person’s ENTIRE FACE – Front on or 1/4 turn at the most!

Studio Art 360: Hands on with CLAY!

Ed Hamilton’s Website – Making of a Bas Relief Sculpture

How are you planning and working your ideas forward? Are you getting ALL of your ideas in? Is your SOCIAL COMMENTARY still coming across? http://edhamiltonworks.com/images/lincoln/bas_relief/slave_9_whole.jpg


  • 1.2P: Shape an artistic investigation of an aspect of present-day life using a contemporary practice of art or design.
  • How are you seeing the CENTRAL IDEA of your message coming through in the BAS RELIEF so far?

Take a walk around the classroom and LOOK – REALLY LOOK – at your classmates work. What are 3 things that you feel are STRONG about the works of your classmates?