ArtTalk Textbook

Click Here to Access ArtTalk Textbook

Click Here to access the ArtTalk Textbook

To log into the ArtTalk Textbook, Copy the following PASSWORD and PASTE it into the Password Space:

  • FA9415CEBC

Choose the ONLINE STUDENT EDITION to access the book online. (As of the publication of this page, Google Chrome does NOT work with the text. Use a different browser program.)

To access the ArtTalk Chapter Worksheets, click HERE.

If you have any questions, please e-mail Mr. Korb.

3 Replies to “ArtTalk Textbook”

  1. Hi, I am about to start my first year of teaching art (high school). I didnt get a degree in art education. Do you have any recommendations for specific suggestions or classes for that kind of foundation/mentorship?

    1. There is so much to talk about. Oh boy. Make the elements and principles important as well as art history. Allow them choices and options and make it personal for the kiddos. Also, be prepared. Plan things out and set goals for the kids to shoot for. Allow for plenty of reflection. Email me and we can chat even more… Best to you in year one.


      1. Hey Frank,
        I some how came upon this. I didnt ever notice that you wrote me back saying we could talk. Well now I am finally writing you back again. Last year was my first year teaching high school art. It went ok but I didnt get invited back 😦 this year I am home with my baby but I want to get More Ready than I was last yezr. I don’t know if working in that school really helped me to be an arr teacher. I has no support. I will be looking for elementary- high school but probably should teach elementary. Would you recommend Art Talk to help me learn how to teach elementary school art? I went to school art and for early childhood ed but not art ed. I’m looking for a beginner art teach “crash course/ art teaching 101” like classroom management too. That might have been one of my bigger problem last year.

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