#ArtExhibition – 3rd Annual K8 Feeder Schools at WUHS – December 14, 2016.

Thank you to all who joined us as we celebrated the artworks and cultural contributions of our Kindergarten – 8th Graders in the Waterford Area Schools. The turnout was spectacular. We counted over 250 people through the doors to see the drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures, assemblages, and other artworks by our young artists.

Special thanks to Representative, and senator-elect David Craig from the 83rd Assembly District and Ms. Vanessa Llanas, Senator Tammy Baldwin’s Southeastern Regional Representative for taking the time out of their busy schedules to join us. It’s support like all of yours that help the arts thrive in our schools and communities.

Our biggest word of thanks goes to our passionate and driven young artists who created the wonderful artworks in our gallery. Artists, continue to take chances, be innovators, and allow yourself to learn through trial and error that through all of this hard work, you’ll continue to make great art. Thank you artists.

Additionally, thank you Brett Roberts, one of our other Art Teachers here WUHS whose numerous  phone calls and emails helped pull this exhibition together. And Lisa Dukowitz, our Digital and Photography teacher for helping install and organize our exhibit. Finally, thank you to all of our Art Teachers who work tirelessly with our young artists as they teach persistence through the difficulties, reflection on the process, envisioning new ideas, and developing skills that help build confidence. Chris Watkins from Woodfield Elementary, Sarah Gilbert from Trailside Elementary, Katie Chapman at Evergreen Elementary, Rachel Bergman from Fox River Middle School, Erin Oehlke at Washington Caldwell, Jacob Walden from North Cape and Drought, and Wendy Mueller at St. Thomas Aquinas School.

Are you running in the Full Moon Four Miler Race in Waterford?

Saturday, August 3 the Waterford Chamber of Commerce is running the Full Moon Four Miler race in Waterford. I remember YEARS ago – 10+ years maybe, sitting at the top of the hill, back near the Waterford Water Tower, ringing a cow bell saying to my family “I’ll do that next year!” That didn’t happen for a number of years – but I remember it well. Now, a few marathons behind me, I still enjoy the run. Today was a 17 miler in training for a fall marathon, I think that I will NOT be able to make the Full Moon on Saturday, but… Brett Roberts and I managed to pull together the awards for the first place finishers. All the best of running to all of the runners – big kids and little kids alike. Thanks to the Waterford Chamber of Commerce for trusting the Waterford Union High School Art Department for making the awards again.

Run Well Runners, Run Well…

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