2 Great #ART shows to visit! #MAM and #WaterfordUnionHighSchool

Milwaukee Art Museum – Milwaukee, WI

As the summer comes upon us, I took in the opportunity to see a couple of wonderful art shows (and to help celebrate my Birthday – 42 if you are keeping score). The first exhibition I saw was the WASSILY KANDINSKY exhibition (Link Here) at the Milwaukee Art Museum. This was a GREAT exhibition of works from the early part of his career while he was experimenting with Impressionism and Post-Impressionism up through the Blue Rider (Der Blaue Reiter), back to the Impressionist works through his works as a Bauhaus teacher and artist. WHEN you get a chance to go and see the work (there is NO OPTION here… you HAVE to go and see it – ask for family / student discounts). ALSO – Here is the LINK to the Kandinsky Inspired works the artists of our class created on Oil Pastels earlier in the school year. I bought the exhibition catalog (of course) and was NOT able to make photographs in the show so… (shhhhh…) here are a couple of images from the catalog.

 Waterford Public Library -Waterford, WI

And the OTHER Show – This is a bit more local and accessible for everyone in Waterford, WI… I have taken the Drawing Student’s COMMUNITY Art Exhibition, special thanks to the Library Director Pam Belden and the library staff, and installed the COMMUNITY EXHIBITION (Link Here). The final works for the 2014 school year are based on the artists of the American Regionalists (Grant Wood, Thomas Hart Benton, Edward Hopper to name a few) as well as their personal photographs and studies of the community of Waterford, WI. Some of the images are VERY recognizable – Waterford ICONS – as well as images that are more PERSONAL to the individual artists. Please visit the official website (Link Here) to read more and go to the Waterford Public Library to see the works in person!

PLEASE – Give our artists some of your thoughts on the bottom of the page (comments). I will share your thoughts with the artists as the new school year starts up! ALSO – Subscribe to my blog page and continue to follow the arts and ideas as the summer goes along and the new school year begins up! Enjoy the summer!

#LastDayofSchool for 2013 – 14! #Exams!

“If we write our dreams and goals down, we dramatically increase our odds of realization. If we share them with others, they become potent and alive.” ―Kristin Armstrong

Dreams and GOALS? Well… Joseph Cornell had dreams… and he created BOXES to hold them in. https://korbartwuhs.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/bdb11-josephcornellbebemarie.jpg

Art Foundations 2D: Exam Review – CLEAN!

Elements and Principles – Artists and Techniques! What have you learned this year? http://bcwmsart.weebly.com/uploads/1/8/1/3/1813198/3297400.jpg

Goals: Let’s COLLECT your GOALS PAGES!

  1. Take a few minutes to glance over your notes… Understand the basics of the ELEMENTS and PRINCIPLES of all that goes into the making of art. COLOR, Perspective, Color Theory, Grid, Observation? What do you REMEMBER? What are you struggling with? How can I help? In the net 10 minutes – come up with 3 questions I can help you with.

Do you have a NOTECARD? Do you have plans to prep for the exam? How can you study things like PERSPECTIVE? COLOR WHEEL? COLOR SCHEMES?

Drawing: Portraits in Hallways – Continue to RESOLVE DRAWINGS! EXAM Questions – HERE.

Last day on the Farm! https://korbartwuhs.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/c00ba-jb01938-4l.jpg

Goals: Let’s HAND IN THE GOALS PAGES – Not the other stuff – Just the day to day written goals.

  1. RESOLVE your American Regionalist inspired drawing AND online research / essay / and artist statement for the final exam using  skill, confidence, and awareness so that your ideas are executed well. What do you need to do, specifics, to finish your artwork?

What does YOUR artwork have to say about YOUR community? Why did you choose what you did? What is IMPORTANT or INTERESTING to you about this image?

AP Studio Art: Exam update and COLLABORATION – GROUP PICTURE in front of the COLLABORATIVE WORK!

Hey – Like this! A GROUP Photo! https://korbartwuhs.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/2ce72-annaa2526i1.jpg


  1. RESOLVE your collaborative mural for the Social Studies Computer Lab. WHAT DID YOU CONTRIBUTE?

Do you have the WEBSITE / BLOG up and running? This is a portion of the FINAL GRADE and you had ALL YEAR (essentially) to work on it. How can I help?

#Goals and #Dreams and #Objectives are ALL in your reach!

“If we write our dreams and goals down, we dramatically increase our odds of realization. If we share them with others, they become potent and alive.” ―Kristin Armstrong

What DREAMS and GOALS do you see BEYOND today? By writing them and REFLECTING on them – you are more likely to reach them… no matter how high they are !


What is COLLABORATIVE about this? how can WE work on one presentation that better explains the ideas behind our work? http://www.gamechannel.hu/pictures/hirblock/uj_call_of_duty_jatekot_jelentettek_be_es_meg_1.jpg


  1. How have you COLLABORATIVELY used technology to create a project larger than you might have done by yourself? Write out and SHARE the SPECIFIC example that you can think of (computer games?)

What do you think of the work of your classmates? Take a look through the document as you wrap up your thoughts and see how you can work harder and focused… What COULD you have done differently?

Drawing: Keep Working! American Regionalists

Thomas Hart Benton – American Regionalist – COMMENTING ON SOCIETY!


  1. Look at the remaining 2 days on your COMMUNITY artwork. What skills have you developed that are making this work successful? What do you need to do to finish?

Your final exam STATEMENT that WILL BE ADDED TO YOUR CURRENT RESEARCH PAGE in the GOOGLE DRIVE is: In three paragraphs explain the following: PARAGRAPH ONE: Who was the American Regionalist  artist that you researched? What was it about their work that interested you to investigate and research them. Give SPECIFIC EXAMPLES. PARAGRAPH TWO: What is the MEANING behind your work? What symbols, ideas, messages are you communicating in the work. Again – GIVE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES! PARAGRAPH THREE: What is successful or unsuccessful about your work? Where did you find successful aspects about the work you have created? Where is the work SOARING? Where did you struggle? What is challenging about the process that you went through? AGAIN – EXAMPLES!


AP Studio Art: Collaborative Work!

What does this look like? This is PART of your exam. Make sure it is FINISHED for SHARING – After the end of the year your name is removed from editing…


  1. Continue the collaborative mural for the Social Studies Computer Lab. Write out your PERSONAL thoughts about the collaborative work. RESOLVE your KORBAPARTWUHS.WORDPRESS blog page – EXAM – This is your EXAM! Statement… IMAGES… 12 CONCENTRATION, 12 BREADTH.

How have you been able to do A LOT of work in one day that you may not have been able to in the past? How have you been able to improve your drawing and idea skills more in the past year than you have in the past?

#Community is not just a funny TV show! It’s an #Art #Project

“A dream only becomes overrated when not pursued by the dreamer.”

― Courtney Hickman

Art Foundations: Bullying and the Critical Thinking it takes to discuss the social topic. WORKSHEET and Romare Bearden Foundation

Romare Bearden – Social Comentary – What MIGHT he have been making art about? What is happening in this collage? https://korbartwuhs.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/0a866-romarebeardenuptownlookingdowntown-1965.jpg


  1. Create multiple solutions to solve the visual problems of collage about BULLYING! How are you going to gather images, textures, and ideas to assemble a collage to illustrate your ideas about Bullying?

As you think about the social topic of Bullying, why is it important to you that it become s the final work that you spend the time this semester working on? With all of the different techniques, projects, elements and principles that we have learned, how are you going to pull it all together to this final excellent work of art?

Drawing: American Regionalisms – What are they saying about their COMMUNITY? 



  1. 2.6 create multiple solutions to visual challenges that show understanding in relationships between composition and meaning of artwork . What images would you like to GATHER and USE to create your final image? Photographs? Drawings? Refernces of your Artist’s work?

What was REGIONALISM ABOUT? Give a 3 point history… What artists are you really looking at and working to follow? Why? How would you explain the importance of their work and what you are interested in regarding them.

AP Studio Art: Collaboration. Is it getting over the HUMP on HUMP Day?

Teamwork. JPG


  1. 3.3 describe the creation of images and ideas and explain why they are of value.

What was the big accomplishment today? How are you being focused on the task now?

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