#SpringBreak is HERE! #Research and #Critiques are #DUE upon return!

Banksy! https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/94/58/3a/94583adc9993df6d7ede2c9503798442.jpg

Advanced Drawing: ONLINE CRIT HERE. Due Monday of RETURN from SPRING BREAK!

  • Do NOT forget to save this and SHARE with Mr. Korb. Make a photograph of your FINISHED DRAWING and insert it in the bottom of the written critique.
Walter Groppius’ Bauhaus Designend Home – or is it DeStijl? http://www.ncmodernist.org/gropiu45.jpg

Drawing: Graffiti and Street Art Research DUE upon return!

HERE is your WORKSHEET for RESEARCH on STREET ART and GRAFFITI for over SPRING BREAK! Do not forget to do your work. It will be hard to get started without some QUALITY WORK and RESEARCH in.

Brooklyn Street Art Museum – HERE.

Life Remote Control - Graffiti and Street Art! Directed by MBW (Mr. BrainWash)
Life Remote Control – Graffiti and Street Art! Directed by MBW (Mr. BrainWash)

Studio Art 360: DON’T FORGET – Bring in a LOGO to work with in the PAINTING UNIT!

Spring Break, but no break from ART!

January 21, 2013 - Monday - 2nd Semester WELCOME!

Happy Monday – Welcome to Spring Break!

As a note to all the artists I have the opportunity to work with when it is NOT Spring Break… I will be in the building from about 8 – Noon on Monday, April 21 hanging artwork. If you are interested in coming in to work, help, or simply gather supplies for the rest of the vacation (because there is a lot to do when we all get back) come on in and find me. I should be in the art room or in the hall between the atrium and the cafeteria. Have a GREAT SPRING BREAK!

Mr. Korb

April 1, 2013 – Monday – April Fools Day…

I am on Spring Break – I hope you enjoy the next week or so without me.

Don’t forget to set some Spring Time Goals of your own… or just take it easy for a bit (there is a goal in itself).

Art Foundations… here is the link to the cityscape in the event you are drawing at home…