A New Look to a Old Tool (and New Artwork from Old Materials)

Well oh well… the risk was taken and the edits have been made. Switching the look of something that I have been working on for 3 years was a difficult thing to do, but I felt it needed some updates.

Please let me know your thoughts about the new look of the page. I have cleaned up the PAGES portion (now at the top of the window) and grouped a few together. I am still thinking about more changes to the sidebar… remove my beautiful face, switch places with this badge and that image among other things.

Always looking for FEEDBACK – it is the hinge that holds all learning and change together (thanks Janie – stole that one).

For your viewing pleasure – a new artwork… it is “Untitled” as of yet and is also not quite finished… Enjoy!


"Untitled," 2013, Mixed Media on Panel, 19" x 19"
“Untitled,” 2013, Mixed Media on Panel, 19″ x 19″