Using #ContinuousLines to create a #Successful #Portrait! Let’s see this happen!

“When you do nothing, you feel overwhelmed and powerless. But when you get involved, you feel the sense of hope and accomplishment that comes from knowing you are working to make things better.” — Zig Ziglar

Feeling overwhelmed? I can relate!

Studio Art 360 – BAS RELIEF SCULPTURE, Collage, Frottage, Grattage, and Decalcomania

If you are NOT done with your Photography CRITIQUE – Get it FINISHED!

LARGE GROUP Slide Show Project – Let’s SEE it HERE!

FINAL PHOTO CRITIQUE DUE DATE… THURSDAY, December 4. I will be grading the critiques before then (2nd hour has been worked through) but NOTHING is in the books until AFTER December 4. If you have made changes to your document AFTER I have commented but BEFORE I enter the grades – NOTIFY COLLABORATORS through your Google Document (under File: EMail Collaborators…).

Texture in the SCULPTURE!


  • 1.1P: Use multiple approaches to begin creative endeavors.
  • 1.2P: Shape an artistic investigation of an aspect of present-day life using a contemporary practice of art or design.
  • What are you interested in when it comes to the use of CLAY? Please explain your ideas and excitement about the work? AND 
  • What is the PARTICULAR of the social topic – BULLYING – that you and your partner came up with yesterday? 

What imagery did you come up with that truly begins to develop the idea of the social commentary on BULLYING? How does it successfully work? AND –  How do you feel your composition successfully uses the GOLDEN MEAN and imagery to explain the ideas of bullying – how to deal with it, fix it, stop it, educate about it? THINK and EXPLAIN your answers.

Painting – Build your CANVASES! Consider the Continuous Line Contour Drawings for the PAINTING!

NEW PAINTINGS by the WUHS Painting Class – HERE!

I LOVE Egon Schiele’s drawings…


  • 5.1Ac: Evaluate, select, and apply methods or processes appropriate to display artwork in a specific place.
  • Knowing you have the options of REALISM in colors or going out on your own in choices of colors… what do you see as advantages of the direction you are planning on going? I want you to think about both approaches.

What ideas do you see coming out from others as you develop your own ideas? How can you see working with OTHERS in a COMMUNITY as being beneficial to the development of your art?

AP Studio Art – ONLINE!

YESTERDAY at MIDNIGHT CHAPTER 4 is due in Art and Fear Blog.

This American Life:

Photography and your art…


  • Research and Information Fluency – Students apply digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use information.
  • What experiences have you had with WORDPRESS? Please list ALL that you have done with THAT Blogging program (not other programs).

***ASSIGNMENT in TWO WEEKS (Two Mondays from LAST Monday: Adventure Image and Still Life FOCUSING ON and being able to SPEAK ABOUT an ELEMENT and PRINCIPLE Specifically.***

What do you need to do in order to have ALL your work (made so far this year) photographed, edited, and uploaded to the website?

#River’sEdgeArtWalk #Art in #Waterford – #HighSchool Art #Gallery

Waterford Union High School’s Parent Teacher Conferences were Thursday and Friday and the NEW ART GALLERY had its first REAL gallery opening! Well, the doors were open as the parents and students walked through the front door for conferences. TONIGHT however the gallery will be staffed and visitors will be visiting. The Third Annual River’s Edge Art Walk is underway Friday night from 5 – 9pm in Historic Downtown Waterford, WI. 27 (or so) artists will be sharing their inspired works with the community of Southeastern WI. Come and join us all and see the hard work the student artists of Waterford Union High School (as well as the art teachers – your’s truly included) have brought together.

  • Frank Korb, Mixed Media – Thai-Italiana Restaurant
  • Lisa Dukowitz, Photography – Marty’s Banquet Hall
  • Brett Roberts, Ceramics – Riverside Chiropractic
  • Waterford High School Students – Waterford High School Gallery (Door #1)
  • For More Information visit Absolutely Waterford’s Website – HERE

We look forward to seeing you!

A New Look to a Old Tool (and New Artwork from Old Materials)

Well oh well… the risk was taken and the edits have been made. Switching the look of something that I have been working on for 3 years was a difficult thing to do, but I felt it needed some updates.

Please let me know your thoughts about the new look of the page. I have cleaned up the PAGES portion (now at the top of the window) and grouped a few together. I am still thinking about more changes to the sidebar… remove my beautiful face, switch places with this badge and that image among other things.

Always looking for FEEDBACK – it is the hinge that holds all learning and change together (thanks Janie – stole that one).

For your viewing pleasure – a new artwork… it is “Untitled” as of yet and is also not quite finished… Enjoy!


"Untitled," 2013, Mixed Media on Panel, 19" x 19"
“Untitled,” 2013, Mixed Media on Panel, 19″ x 19″
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