CRASH! The trip is over… not really, now the adventure begins!

“In not stating the goal to the students, they are like a family going on a trip with Dad in the driver’s seat and him not sharing what the destination is. Dad knows where he’s going, but the rest of the family has no clue.” – Lori Wildeman

And the end of the trip… make sure you have plans… goals… know where you were headed in the first place.

Art Foundations: Frank Gehry – LA Philharmonic Disney Concert Hall

Disney Concert Hall – LA Philharmonic Orchestra


  1. 6.3 use the principles and techniques of art as though you were an architect or city planner.
Frank Gehry as Featured in the Simpsons: HERE
Frank Gehry’s Response / Reflections: HERE

Review with neighbors the process of 2 point perspective as well as the ideas behind your architectural idea.

Advanced Drawing: Final Day on Oil Pastel PRACTICE exercise

A bit more toned down for Bonnard.. but… his work is still his own vision based on reality.


  1. 1.1 apply media, techniques, and processes with an awareness so that your ideas are executed well
  2. 2.6 create multiple solutions to visual challenges that show understanding in relationships between composition and meaning of artwork

What was the success in today’s drawing? What was the challenge?  What were the goals we have had over the past couple of weeks that you feel you have accomplished?

AP Studio Art: PRIDE… I am really happy with your beginnings

What ADVENTURE are you going on? Is there a knocking on your boat?


  1. 1.2 Create works of visual Art that demonstrate an understanding of how the communication of your ideas relate to the 1.2.1 media, 1.2.2 technique 1.2.3 and process you use.
  2. 2.3 Create artworks that use organizational structures and functions to solve specific visual art problems

Step back… what are you trying to communicate? Know that you have 1 more week to get 2 works DONE… what do you need to TAKE HOME? What do you need to do over the weekend to be successful in the process of making quality art? SELF – EVALUATION – write up Execution Evaluation, Composition Evaluation, Character Evaluation. Consider the work you have done and EVALUATE progress.

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