#Monday of the last week of the #3rdQuarter – got your #LateWork DONE?

Drawing: MUSIC and ART6

Der Blaue Reiter period… https://classconnection.s3.amazonaws.com/380/flashcards/821380/jpg/compositionii1348669011609.jpg


  • G: 4.2Ac: Analyze, select, and critique personal artwork for a collection or portfolio presentation.
  • What did you take away from the KANDINSKY / BAUHAUS / der Blau Reider project? How can you see using these skills, understanding, knowledge in the future of your artmaking career? 
  • Click HERE to access the Google Slideshow for our presentation
  • Click HERE to get your ART… can you save it to YOUR Google Folder? Hmmm…

Reflection:  What did writing about your image / ideas do to help you understand the ideas you were trying to communicate VISUALLY? 

Studio Art 360: TEXTURE – COLLAGE it Ernst Style

Romare Bearden Collage: http://mediad.publicbroadcasting.net/p/wunc/files/styles/x_large/public/201405/Romare_Bearden%252c_Out_Chorus%252c_1979-1980%252c_etching%252c_aquatint%252c_serigraph%252c_image_12.5_x_16_inches.jpg


  • G: 1.1P: Use multiple approaches to begin creative endeavors.
  • Looking at the ROMARE BEARDEN collage on the screen, what do you think this work is about? WHY? Please work with your neighbor on answering this question.

Reflection: Explain why creating art that is CLEARLY NARRACIVE / Tells a story / explains something that is of importance to you is challenging? Explain 2 major points… 

AP Studio Art: Crit Pencils…

CW Pencil Emporium: http://www.boweryboogie.com/content/uploads/2015/03/cw-pencil-1-620×465.jpg

Pencil Story on FREAKONOMICS – LISTEN HERE: http://www.wnyc.org/widgets/ondemand_player/freakonomics/#file=json/576159


  • G:  4.2Ad: Critique, justify, and present choices in the process of analyzing, selecting, curating, and presenting artwork for a specific exhibit or event.
  • Looking at your PENCIL drawing – and using a pencil AND a single sheet of loose leaf paper – spend 15 minutes writing up a statement explaining the ideas behind your work. PLEASE consider the thoughts you had when you listened to FREAKONOMICS from the Podcast., One solid paragraph – 12 sentences.

Reflection: What it says above! G: Well… what do you think about the ideas of having someone else OWN a work of art of yours? Does giving it away do anything for you? Emotionally? Viscerally (in the gut)? 

Advanced Drawing: 50 Sheets of Paper – FINAL DAYS THIS WEEK!

Felix Gonzales Torres – HUNDREDS of sheets of paper! http://dbprng00ikc2j.cloudfront.net/work/image/46284/slide/Communication_Breakdown_Felix_Gonzalez_Torres__Christopher_Wool_untitled_693_118.jpg


  •  G: 6.1Ac: Make, explain, and justify connections between artists or artwork and social, cultural, and political history.
  • This is the LAST WEEK on this drawing – I think we are LONG past the original time it was planned for. That’s OK – BUT – WHAT DO YOU REALLY NEED TO FOCUS ON TO BE READY FOR MONDAY’S CRITIQUE? Seriously… CRIT on MONDAY!

Reflection:  Were you able to get 3 things accomplished today that help you see you are on the right path for completion? Is there a good amount of work to finish? STAY ON TASK

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