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Waterford Union High School’s Parent Teacher Conferences were Thursday and Friday and the NEW ART GALLERY had its first REAL gallery opening! Well, the doors were open as the parents and students walked through the front door for conferences. TONIGHT however the gallery will be staffed and visitors will be visiting. The Third Annual River’s Edge Art Walk is underway Friday night from 5 – 9pm in Historic Downtown Waterford, WI. 27 (or so) artists will be sharing their inspired works with the community of Southeastern WI. Come and join us all and see the hard work the student artists of Waterford Union High School (as well as the art teachers – your’s truly included) have brought together.

  • Frank Korb, Mixed Media – Thai-Italiana Restaurant
  • Lisa Dukowitz, Photography – Marty’s Banquet Hall
  • Brett Roberts, Ceramics – Riverside Chiropractic
  • Waterford High School Students – Waterford High School Gallery (Door #1)
  • For More Information visit Absolutely Waterford’s Website – HERE

We look forward to seeing you!

Are you running in the Full Moon Four Miler Race in Waterford?

Saturday, August 3 the Waterford Chamber of Commerce is running the Full Moon Four Miler race in Waterford. I remember YEARS ago – 10+ years maybe, sitting at the top of the hill, back near the Waterford Water Tower, ringing a cow bell saying to my family “I’ll do that next year!” That didn’t happen for a number of years – but I remember it well. Now, a few marathons behind me, I still enjoy the run. Today was a 17 miler in training for a fall marathon, I think that I will NOT be able to make the Full Moon on Saturday, but… Brett Roberts and I managed to pull together the awards for the first place finishers. All the best of running to all of the runners – big kids and little kids alike. Thanks to the Waterford Chamber of Commerce for trusting the Waterford Union High School Art Department for making the awards again.

Run Well Runners, Run Well…

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