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I AM in the ART ROOM at school NOW – Wednesday, December 30 from 9:00 am – Noon. If you are interested in some OPEN STUDIO TIME or have questions that need answering, then is a good time. Tap on my outside window, call me, or text me, and I will come get you.

The BELOW information is ALL repeat from Monday’s (and last week’s) posts. Happy New Year!

Studio Art 360:


  • CANVAS was handed out in class and transferring of images should be accomplished for class on January 4. We’ve gone through this in class and they should have the concept figured out. Any missing sketchbooks NEED to be completed by Wednesday, January 6.


AP Studio Art:

3 Concentration WORKS DUE after Break. Three more ONE WEEK after break.

Your Songs of Sanctuary Website STATEMENTS are WAY PAST DUE.

  • We went over the editing of images for the online portfolio in class and I have asked them to get a strong start on the photography and editing of the images over break.
  • As I said in class, I would rather not take a week away from making art in the computer lab when this is work they can accomplish on their own outside of class. Adobe Photoshop is NOT REQUIRED to edit the images for the online portfolio. I demonstrated using a Google App through Google Drive (Pixlr Editor) and the instructions are VERY MUCH THE SAME as if they were using Photoshop: instructions HERE: https://goo.gl/Upkwca
  • In addition to the online editing, I have asked them to upload images to their WEB Pages on the web: https://korbapartwuhs.wordpress.com/

Drawing AND Painting:

  • Both classes have work that they are either done with,finishing up over break, or shortly after break. I have photographed the works in progress and they can be found below. This critique will require some time (I would invest about an hour in the first writing and then whatever it takes to revise and edit). I would rather them get a start on it now than try to cram it in during the last few days of the semester (this is half of the final exam).
  • Drawing Images HERE
  • Painting Images HERE.

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Enjoy the vacation!

Mr. Frank Korb

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