Jan. 27, 2011

Art Foundations

  1. Work Collaboratively and Effectively with partner on “Be” Statement Poster.
  2. Know terms and ideas about Art in Your World from Chapter 1 – Section 2.

AP Studio Art – Crit.

  1. Listen Carefully to critiques from classmates about your and your classmates’ Concentration Works.
  2. Constructively Contribute to the Critiques of your classmates’ works.

Drawing – Value Scale

  1. Work on Value Scales using Ticonderoga Pencils and Drawing Pencils.
  2. Know the subtle differences that value can add to an art work.
  3. Know the differences that choices in materials can add to an art work.

Mr. Korb Welcomes You!

Welcome to my blog. I will hopefully be keeping up with my lectures and examples I put on the board and worksheets / demo pages. Keep an eye to this site for more information and feel free to comment or contact me!
Peace –
Mr. Frank Korb

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