Art Fund College Scholarship

Waterford Union High School Art Fund Scholarship

Selection process – Interested applicants will fill out the application form and click submit (application form and / or link to it in a different window) is at the bottom of this page. The applications will be given to the Art Fund College Scholarship Committee. The committee will select 2 senior art students (at the discretion of the art department) that will be pursuing an art career to each receive a $500 scholarship. Distribution of this scholarship is at the discretion of the art department.

The selection committee will be considering the following:

  • Artistic accomplishments and participation in art related activities.
  • Artistic leadership in art in class and within the school environment.
  • Artistic achievement with a 3.33 GPA in all art courses.
  • Scholastic achievement with a 2.5 GPA for 7 semesters.

The Art Activity Scholarship Fund may award two (2) art scholarships for five hundred dollars ($500) each. 

Criteria for the Waterford Union High School Art Scholarship:

  • Any graduating senior who has been an art student at Waterford Union High School for at least 4 semesters and plan to pursue an art related career upon graduation.
  • Artist must have completed four (4) semesters of art with a 3.33 GPA in art during four years at WUHS.
  • Artist must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA for 7 semesters.
  • Must plan to attend an accredited college, university, junior college, community college or technical school.  Student must attend selected school within 15 months of high school graduation.
  • Application must be completed and submitted to the guidance office.  The application will include student information and art involvement at Waterford Union High School.
  • The scholarship money will be paid to the student when the student shows proof that s/he has enrolled in 2nd semester.
  • The scholarship must be redeemed within 2 school years of graduation date from Waterford Union High School.
  • Submission of 4 art pieces produced as a student at WUHS.
  • Submission of a unique and accurately designed and labeled color wheel.



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