InterActiv Tech. Conference

InterActiv 2014 Information

While I did NOT present… I did have a GREAT series of conversations with teachers about the Maker Movement.  Not a HUGE gathering – but HUGE CONVERSATION and IDEAS! Below are the Posters that the group made up and… NEXT YEAR we are going to work out a session. Thanks to Anneke Thompson and Sarah Wendorf for their help and conversation and COLLABORATION to solve the problems of Maker Spaces being so… unknown! Check out these websites for more information:

Welcome to the InterActive 2013 Information.

WUHS Staff Committee Document Folder HERE

If you have any questions about my presentations, please do not hesitate to contact me:


cell: (262) 492 – 9090

My NOTES from the Conference are HERE for your perusal and comments.

My Presentations are below:

Build Your Own WordPress Blog

  • Google Presentation – Click HERE

The “In’s and Out’s” of WordPress

  • Google Presentation – Click HERE

Technology and Interaction in the 21st Centruy Classroom

  • Google Presentation – Click HERE
  • Survey of Technology in the Classroom is HERE
  • Results of Survey (Twitter Responses and Your Responses) is HERE

A SHORT Survey about the my presentations is HERE (please help me to improve what I can offer you by taking the minute or so to fill it out)


Frank Korb


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