#Feedback about the #Best part of the Year!


Q: What do you like best about this class and / or teacher?

  • Its fun and you get to express yourself though your art… I also like that you play music for us
  • You get to do what you want in your pieces of art. It’s all about what we feel.
  • Learning new things about art everyday! I liked the themes of the projects we did.
  • Class was kind of a time to relax and just make art–I looked forward to it everyday.
  • I really enjoyed art because i learned a lot in it and we got to try many different things and mr. korb is an excellant teacher [sic. I encourage spelling checks but… thank you]
  • The best part of this class is the open environment it provides.
  • Mr. Korb let us back up our work and expressed our thoughts. By doing this, Mr. Korb saw maybe what we were trying to do and grade off of that. By reflecting on our artwork, we can back up our thoughts, which helped my grade a lot. He let us express our thoughts and ways of doing things.
  • This class was by far the best class that I enrolled in and, it really broadened my horizons in the very linear school setting. It was a truly great class, and Mr. Korb was able to really capture my attention and hold my interest throughout the year.
  • I liked how you used technology to enhance learning. I was able to review and practice techniques at home while watching the videos. It was amazing seeing the videos of art exhibits from the White House. Even on days when there was a substitute teacher, you still interacted with the class. The web site was inspiring to view on a daily basis. You seem to care about each individual student and were always there after school for extra help. I wish all my teachers were as involved and cool as you.

I did not pay these kids to put these words out there. While these are not ALL of the comments about the BEST things the kids took away from the year, these are some that caught my eye. I strive to help EACH and EVERY kid become engaged with the work they are producing. Creating visual art that means something to them is an experience that I do not think they get in all their classes. While the ideas behind the COMMON CORE will encourage teachers to make the work REAL WORLD and pertinent to  the child’s life, I have been seeing that as a part of the EVERYDAY of the ARTS for years. What was the BEST part of my year? The ingenuity and teamwork the kids developed, on their own, within the boundaries of the class and assignment, but on their own. Great job!

  • Not always serious & teaches a way where I personally want to learn the material.
  • I really enjoyed creating the clay slabs. Personally I think that ceramics is my forte, and I really enjoyed the project as a whole. However, I was upset that we were not able to finish this project by glazing it. (I Agree… Glazing – maybe this summer?)
  • This class is by far my most favorite class I have ever taken. In the beginning of the year I was intimidated and didn’t know how things were going to go. Once I found my own ideas it all came together. The atmosphere of the class is cool too. There is a wide variety of skill and styles. I have learned a lot not only from you, but also my classmates. I like that we are all doing our own individual things, but then can come together and talk about our artwork together. During the course of the year I learned a lot. I have been exposed to a lot a cool things. I have learned how to get through the frustration that comes with art making and also have learned that failure is okay and without failure, you cant get better. I think that is a good lesson to learn. I have only touched on some of the great experiences I’ve had in this class. There are much more. Thank you for an awesome year.
  • I like how Mr. Korb participates actively with all of the students and tells the students when they are doing well.
  • Well, I love art and Mr. Korb makes it a fun class to be in and stresses reflections of your daily progress and work which really helps me to look back at what I have created and to criticize myself.
Bullying Collage - Collaborative Work, 2014
Bullying Collage – Collaborative Work, 2014

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