WUHS Paintings 2008 – 2009

The painting class of 2008 – 2009 took the challenge of creating a series of works that documented their high school and challenged their understanding of how to use oil paints, mediums, power tools, and the very challenging linear perspective as they composed their images. BEginning with a long walk and conversation about composition, the artists came up with their favorite angles of the building and developed their own ideas for the image as they were faced with the challenge of their school as the subject matter. From photography and thumbnail sketches, teamwork and construction of the canvases, the artists created a wide variety of compositions using all the different skills and techniques they had in their art toolbox. Thanks to the following artists for their hard and dedicated work creating a strong and successful body of work. Each one of them created a unique and individual viewpoint of the building that gave them so many memories and skills to last a lifetime. Thank you Waterford Union High School artists.

  • T.E.
  • Erica
  • Daja Braatz
  • Steve Rudan
  • Cameron Robinson
  • Amandine Gerus
  • Brittany Canfield
  • Megan Barker
  • Bina Olafsdaughter
  • Alexandra Jones
  • Mike Bink
  • Maryann Little

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