Perspective and Electron Microcsope Images

2 Point Perspective – Research – Art Foundations

Scanning Electron Microscope

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While we are learning the process of 2 point perspective through the ideas of the house / building / architecture, the final artwork is going to stray from that subject quite a bit. You are going to be tapping into the world of SCIENCE and locating images that were made from a scanning electron microscope. These images will be from a different world, one that we cannot see with the naked eye but also cannot live without.

As you research, consider the type of microscopic image that you might be looking for. What sorts of key words might you use to begin your research? Scanning Electron Microscope Images may be too broad a topic. Take a few minutes with your classmates to TALK about and DISCUSS the different microscopic ideas that you may want to look up. Write 4 of them below





Now that you have your topic ideas written down (and you may stray from these as you begin research), go ahead and start your research.

  • Valid Website (university, Government, Academic Site).

  • Document the website and print a page that discusses the image you have chosen.

  • 3 images to chose from (with documentation)

  • Work HARD to find images that NOBODY ELSE has – (i.e. do not take the first image that pops up).

  • You will need to write up a ONE PAGE paper that discusses the reasons why the microscopic image does what it does… why it is the way it is. (If an object has a peak to it, why does it have a peak? If the object has barbs to it… why? Explain it in scientific terms).

  • Lastly – to incorporate more of the techniques we have incorporated into the learning – you need to include at least 3 additional techniques [Windows and doors – OPENINGS, steps, sidewalks – repeating shapes going back in space, peaked roofs – pointed ends / tops] (and maybe invent some of these to your image).

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