Anti-Bullying at the High School

“I have been bullied for ten years and art has always been my escape. Whenever a kid would call me nasty names, because of my dyslexia or other reasons, I would draw. I guess for me it was a way out. After drawing this portrait, one of our classmates felt it necessary to take it from me and tear it in half be he “hated” me and he said it “sucked.” I took the torn and damaged drawing and healed it. Stitched it back together and bandaged it. The feelings that the torn drawing represent can, and often are, felt by many and can be the worst feelings. Being hurt and bullied can be the worst.

No one should be bullied. Those who are bullies might want to step back and stand in the shoes by those who they are bullying. Maybe they themselves are the victims of being bullied and need to take it out on someone “weaker” or “smaller” than them. This artwork stands for everyone who has felt or been broken by bullying. If one has been torn in half from all the words and actions of others, one needs to find the courage and strength to pick oneself up.
Be strong and stand up to people and for people who are being bullied. It is NOT acceptable!”

Art Student – WUHS 2014

Do not put up with bullying! Stand up for yourself and BE STRONG!
Do not put up with bullying! Stand up for yourself and BE STRONG!

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